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spotlightWe are the Tanzania Diaspora!

Periodically DICOTA turns the spotlight on members who are making an impact in their professional field and contributing to the positive image of the Tanzanian Diaspora in the United States. These individuals exemplify the mission and spirit of DICOTA.  If you are interested in being highlighted or nominating another member for the spotlight, please contact DICOTA at

Justa Jessica Lujwangana

Justa Jessica Lujwangana is a curious traveler who seeks to explore every part of her homeland and bring those who are interested along. Justa founded Curious On Tanzania out of her desires to learn more about her homeland and contribute her Tanzanian culture to the melting pot of diversity in New York.

Over twenty years ago, the Lujwangana family migrated from Tanzania to the United States. The move was a promise from a mother, who wanted her five kids to have a better life. At first, settling in New York was a culture stock. Justa spent her secondary school years learning about and experiencing diverse cultures. Many times, she tried to blend in with others, but her Tanzanian culture remained pronounced. While working toward her master’s degree in international nutrition, she found herself sharing more and more about her cultural experiences with fellow students. Their positive responses helped her develop an appreciation for her own heritage and culture.

“I’m so thankful for people who believe in my dreams and take action to make it happen. Too many names to mention but asante sana to my team, family and friends” – Justa.

Traveling to her homeland every year presents Justa with opportunities to see Tanzania with a new set of eyes. After returning from her trips and talking to others about her experiences, she noticed few people were aware of this beautiful country she calls home. The diverse city where she lives inspired her to contribute to the melting pot, while still honoring her Tanzanian heritage and culture. Curious On Tanzania was born, a social traveling platform that inspires and fulfills ones curiosities about Tanzania with the guidance of the natives. She hopes to inspire others to visit her homeland, discover the country as locals know it, and contribute to sustainable tourism.

How Curious on Tanzania works: 

She hosts Tanzania-related events in New York, shares unique Tanzanian adventure stories in her video web‐series and hosts group adventure trips in Tanzania.

Outside Curious On Tanzania, Justa is a Clinical Dietitian and studied International Nutrition with a focus on Africa. She also wishes to one day host dietetic students in her country for studies and see the beautiful country she calls home.

“Your support is greatly appreciated. Hope you can join us on the 2nd annual Tanzania Cultural Fest in New York, August/ September, 2016.” Thank you DICOTA, Maendeleo, Powering potential organizations for supporting us at the first annual Fest 2015″ We hope more businesses and individuals join us in celebrations on everything Tanzanian.” – Justa.

CaptureYassin A Kapuya

Yassini A Kapuya is regarded as an experienced senior business consultant and Entrepreneur. Graduated with AA in business Administration from Foothill College and Bs in Marketing and Sales from San Jose state university, in California. He is the Author of 3 books in titled “The 7 Powerful Lesson to succeed in business”  “Life. Is an Uneven Road” and  “A sales Guru’s Secret”. He is the founder of TBX -Business Consulting Co in. San Francisco, and TBX Casual wear forever 18. His mission is to help people to change their life for good through his inspiration seminar. He live in San Francisco CA but he travels different states to give a motivation speech to inspire people to set their goal and reach their dream.

TausiTausi Suedi, MPH

Tausi is an international public health professional whose work focuses on maternal, newborn, child, and adolescent health in marginalized communities mainly in low- and middle-income countries.

The birth of “Childbirth Survival International” was a somewhat easy prediction for many who know Tausi very well. CSI is the beginning of a childhood dream, passion, and years of exposure to the inequity many women and their children silently endure. She is the Co-founder and currently serves as the Country Team Leader, and key liaison between Headquarters and field offices.

Childbirth Survival International (CSI) is an international non-profit humanitarian organization incorporated in Maryland, USA. CSI works to eliminate preventable maternal, newborn, child, and adolescent deaths and disabilities in developing countries. CSI efforts contribute to achievement of global, national, and community goals.

To learn more about Childbirth Survival International visit

Lilian Kimweri 1Lilian Kimweri Daniel

kanga’s and Kitenge’s are so versatile and unique. We seek to provide quality African prints in high fashion apparel while helping to serve local

Lilian is the designer and owner of NASHONA. “Made in Tanzania with Love” these words can be found written across each label of NASHONA clothing. Nashona which means “I sew” is a brand created by Lilian K Danieli, a Tanzanian native who resides in North Carolina. Lilian who believes in serving her community wanted to merge two different cultures by providing traditional African prints and merging modern silhouettes to complete the look. NASHONA’s success is attributed to a loyal team of local Tanzanians who share Lillian’s vision of fashion and philanthropy.

NASHONA is a new fashion forward women’s clothing line that specializes in collaborating nashonaunique styles that are chic yet with vibrant African fabrics of Tanzania. The 100% cotton and global communities. To learn more about NASHONA, please visit

In her free time, Lilian enjoys relaxing and listening to praise gospel music.