Diaspora Council of Tanzanians in America (DICOTA) is an organization whose purpose is to unite and strengthen the Tanzanian American Diaspora and its supporters, in order to enhance the economic, health, and social well being of Tanzanians and Americans.

Our Mission

We believe in engaging the Tanzanian American Diaspora and its supporters in promoting, enhancing and sustaining the relationship between the United States and Tanzania.


  • To collaborate in educating, seeking, identifying and implementing philanthropic, and/or economic development opportunities with public and private organizations in Tanzania and United States that will improve people’s lives in Tanzania.
  • To utilize the intellectual and financial capital of the Diaspora in engaging in significant, long-­‐term and sustainable project initiatives, for the purpose of improving the livelihood of all Tanzanians and Americans.
  • To promote the improvement of the infrastructure in Tanzania
  • To build community among Diaspora, unite Tanzanians living in America, maintain connections to Tanzania and be a liaison to American friends and supporters of Tanzania.
  • To educate people about Tanzania, its people and culture.
  • To help in focusing the efforts of the Diaspora on relief initiatives and similar charitable projects in Tanzania. We invite you to Join DICOTA and begin taking advantage of all the benefits DICOTA has to offer.


  • Membership discounts for events and programs registration
  • Eligibility to vote or be voted for any officer’s post or membership to the Board of Trustees
  • Inclusion in the Who’s Who DICOTA database and Access to the Database.
  • Access to DICOTA partners.
  • Networking and Support with Tanzanians and friends of Tanzania in the Diaspora and some key Tanzania leaders and business people through various events such as meet and greet, the annual convention, etc
  • Mentoring Opportunities in business, education, profession, culture etc.
  • Business visibility, through company listing in membership directory.


The Annual fee is per Calendar year from Jan 1-­‐Dec 31

  • Standard Membership – $30
  • Student Membership – $15