$30/year – Family Membership: $50/year – Full members can vote and to be voted as an officer of DICOTA or member of the Board of Trustees. To be a full member you need to be living in the USA and are of Tanzanian nationality, have roots or Tanzanian or friend of Tanzanian and at least 18 years old.

Student membership is for full time students registered at a recognized institution.

Associate membership is for those individuals 18 years or older who does not qualify for Full Membership. This would include, institutions and associations. Associate members cannot vote nor be voted as an officer of DICOTA or member of the Board of Trustees.

Benefits of Joining DICOTA

Why  join us

Increase Your Visibility

The Diaspora Council of Tanzanians in America (DICOTA) is an essential resource for both the institutions and individuals that make up or work with the Tanzania diaspora community.

By becoming a DICOTA member, you are connecting to an extended, creative, vibrant community that encourages innovation, impact, and experimentation.

Why  join us

Proffessional Development

From its inception, DICOTA has been a service organization. DICOTA offers many programs on an ongoing basis in our effort to provide meaningful support and career- building opportunities for communities in the region.

Our Professional Practices Series, previously called “resume” offers workshops that provide members necessary business skills, valuable career and practical advice, and exposures to new skills and techniques that can help them grow or refine their career practice. DICOTA’s Professional Practices workshops are always FREE to DICOTA members.

Why  join us

Connect + Expand

We provide our members with valuable opportunities to connect to sponsors, gain exclusive access to industry experts, and opportunities and resources so that they may achieve more in their professional and investment practice and go farther in their careers than they might without us.

Bringing in partners to conventions, DICOTA hopes to initiate challenging conversations and create a forum for members and partners to engage with each other’s work. DICOTA’s email newsletter features calls for entry from diaspora members and , news and events, as well as a section dedicated exclusively to highlighting and listing the exhibitions, projects and achievements of our members. 

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