The Diaspora Council of Tanzanians in America (DICOTA) is an essential resource for both the institutions and individuals that make up or work with the Tanzania diaspora community.

Why Join

Currently, there are several stakeholder groups interested in deepening the linkages between Tanzanians residing abroad and those at home. Among these groups are the Government, the remittance companies, various Tanzanian private sector bodies and a number of community based organizations in the Diaspora. In the absence of a central entity providing oversight, these stakeholder groups have oftentimes acted independently of each other, although they have similar objectives. The principal goals of DICOTA is therefore to:

  1. Exchange ideas
  2. Share best practices and experiences
  3. Connect with public, private and intergovernmental agencies
  4. Facilitate and increase the scope and impact of the contribution of the Diaspora to the development of Tanzanians at home and abroad

What Membership Means for You

  • Membership discounts for events and program registration
  • Eligibility to vote or be voted for any officer’s post or membership to the Board of Trustees
  • Inclusion in the Who’s Who Diaspora Database and Access to the Database
  • Access to DICOTA partners
  • Networking and Support with Tanzanians and friends of Tanzania in the Diaspora and some key Tanzanian leaders and business people through various events such as meet and greet, the annual convention, etc.
  • Mentoring Opportunities in business, education, profession, culture, etc.
  • Business visibility, through company listing in membership directory
  • Get $50 off with TUZOLA booking
  • Get 15% discount with AllAfrica Travel and Logistics
  • Eligible to apply for the “Young Leadership Scholarship”

Membership Categories

Full Membership

Full members can vote and to be voted as an officer of DICOTA or member of the Board of Trustees. To be a full member you need to be living in the USA and are of Tanzanian nationality, have roots or Tanzanian or friend of Tanzanian and at least 18 years old.

Associate Membership

Associate membership is for those individuals 18 years or older who does not qualify for Full Membership. This would include, institutions and associations. Associate members cannot vote nor be voted as an officer of DICOTA or member of the Board of Trustees

Student Membership

Student membership is for full time students registered at a recognized mic institution.

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