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[Citizen] Tanzania Tops List of Innovative Countries

It will be important for Africa to preserve its current innovation momentum
 By: Deogratius Kamagi |  Category: Business |  Posted: Wednesday 18th July 2018

Dar es Salaam — Tanzania is leading on the list of low income countries in innovation, a newly released report reveals.

The report titled 'Global Innovation Index (GII)-2018' released recently shows, however, that Tanzania remains the top-ranked low-income country (92nd) globally, gaining four positions from last year.

Below Tanzania, other low income countries that were highlighted in the report with their global ranking in brackets include Rwanda (99), Senegal (100), Uganda (103), Madagascar (106), Nepal (108), Mali (112), Zimbabwe (113), Malawi (114) and Mozambique (115).

"A strong consistency is also evident among low-income countries, with eight out of 10 economies remaining in the top 10 in this group," reads part of the report.

In Sub- Sahara Africa, Tanzania is ranked fifth in the group of innovation achievers behind South Africa, Mauritius, Kenya and Botswana.

According to the report, Sub-Saharan Africa has been performing well in innovation and that since 2012 the region has had more countries among the group of innovation achievers than any other.

"It will be important for Africa to preserve its current innovation momentum," the report recommended.

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