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Tanzania’s Diaspora – Empowering The Tanzanian Diaspora for Socio-Economic Transformation: At Home and Abroad

As the countdown begins, we are excited to invite you to attend the DICOTA 2014 Convention – themed “Empowering Tanzanian Diaspora for Socio-Economic Transformation: At Home and Abroad” – to be held at the Millennium Hotel Durham, 2800 Campus Walk Avenue, Durham NC 27705, U.S.A. from 2nd to 5th of October, 2014.

Ambassador Ombeni Sefue, the Chief Secretary 

is the Guest of Honor

The convention brings together members of the Tanzanian Diaspora in the United States America, Tanzanian private sector and government officials; key decision makers from Tanzania and U.S. businesses; financial institutions, and international organizations with vested interest in investment and growth in the country. The conference presents attendees with the latest trade and investment opportunities in all sectors of the economy, while providing a forum for potential partnership formation through many networking opportunities. Based on this year’s theme, all topics and discussion will be centered towards empowering ourselves for Socio-Economic transformation abroad and in Tanzania. Among the invitees, H.E. Amina Salum Ali, the African Union Ambassador to the United States confirmed to be with us and deliver a Keynote Speech for the second day of the convention. If you are considering to be one of the sponsors for the DICOTA 2014 Convention, Click here for the details on sponsorship opportunities. Please plan to attend this extraordinary Convention. Click here to register, early Registration with Great discount Ends September 18, 2014. For more Information about Convention Registration, Hotel Discount Rates and Program visit us at www.dicotaus.org. You can also contact us by email dicota@dicotausa.org or call 1-952-217-0265 to reach a convention steering committee representative. For hotel reservation with special rates for the convention, click here.

DICOTA Board National Volunteers Steering Committee
Mr. Fredrick Mjema – Chair  Ms. Eliza (Mbughuni) Hill Mr. Geoffrey Lepana – Chair
Mr. Lunda Asmani – Secretary  Mr. Ben Kazora Ms. Anna Simtaji – Secretary
Dr. Crispin Semakula – member  Mr. Ngana Andrew-Mziray Mr. Haji Abdallah
Dr. Kurwa Nyigu – Member  Dr. Charles Musiba Mr. Nasor Basalama
Ms. Jessica Che-Mponda -Member  Ms. Kutina Ruhumbika Ms. Zainab Black
 Mr. Alfred Nkunga Dr. Sembua Danieli
 Ms. Rehema Chuma Ms. Agnetta Kamugisha
 Mr. Ezekiel Luhigo Ms. Nisa Kibona
Mr. Brian Lema
DICOTA EC Ms. Stella Mbaga
Dr. Ndaga Mwakabuta – President Ms. Nnali Mbilinyi
Dr. Lyungai Mbilinyi – Secretary Rev. Caleb Migombo
Mr. Joel Mburu – Dep. Secretary Ms. Flora Minja
Ms. Emma Kasiga – Treasurer Mr. Lucas Mmanywa
Ms. Jane Temu – Assist. Treasurer Mr. Sabur Mtarazaki
Dr. Lemmy Meekisho – Member Mr. David Mushi
 Ms. Oliva Kavishe – Member Mr. Anthony Ntirugelegwa
Ms. Joyce Ogu
Mr. Bahati Simtaji
Ms. Matilda Tarimo
Mr. Sam Temu
Ms. Talkia Tumbi
Ms. Teddy Tumbi



To donate for Dual Citizenship Campaign click here: http://www.gofundme.com/7jtyuw.

About DICOTA: DICOTA is dedicated to the virtuous cycle of improving livelihood, social, and economic development of Tanzania and America. Its main goal is to exchange ideas, best practices and debate issues with intergovernmental agencies and organizations, and strive to be a catalyst for the establishment of better economic, social and cultural cooperation between the United States of America and Tanzania. DICOTA will engage in economic, social and cultural projects and/ or activities that are of mutual benefit to both countries. DICOTA is firmly grounded in the belief of a democratic, non-theocratic, culturally and economically inclusive Tanzania. DICOTA is an independent, non-partisan, non-sectarian organization dedicated to the promotion of knowledge about Tanzania and its economic growth. The organization hopes to be a credible, constructive and independent voice for Tanzania. Through its body of work, DICOTA will serve as a source of constructive dialogue and a catalyst for positive change in Tanzania, and will offer a diverse voice in public discourse in the United States of America on current issues concerning Tanzania. The purpose of DICOTA is to unite and strengthen the Tanzanian American Diaspora and its supporters, in order to enhance the economic, health, and social well being of Tanzanians and Americans.

Our Vision

We believe in engaging the Tanzanian American Diaspora and its supporters in promoting, enhancing and sustaining the relationship between the United States and Tanzania.


  • To collaborate in educating, seeking, identifying and implementing philanthropic, and/or economic development opportunities with public and private organizations in Tanzania and United States that will improve people’s lives in Tanzania.
  • To utilize the intellectual and financial capital of the Diaspora in engaging in significant, long-term and sustainable project initiatives, for the purpose of improving the livelihood of all Tanzanians and Americans.
  • To promote the improvement of the infrastructure in Tanzania
  • To build community among Diaspora, unite Tanzanians living in America, maintain connections to Tanzania and be a liaison to American friends and supporters of Tanzania.
  • To educate people about Tanzania, its people and culture.
  • To help in focusing the efforts of the Diaspora on relief initiatives and similar charitable projects in Tanzania.